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"ÖKO" - which is a root of a word in Greek - is the fore part of words ecology and economy. The relationship between the two words symbolises the necessary unity of the temporarily splitted sciences. Environment and Economy. ÖKO Co. Ltd., (former ÖKO Inc.) endeavours to harmonise the aspects of ecology, economy and engineering on the interdisciplinary fields of environmental protection and management, to support the enforcement of environmental interests in economical decision making.

ÖKO Co. Ltd. was established in 1991. On the market of environmental consulting, however, it is considered a long-standing firm since the research- and expert team of the share company has worked previously as a certain unit of different state-owned institutions, obtaining the skill and knowledge to provide experience and proficiency. Our aim is to be an active, independent, authentic consulting firm. The activity of the firm covers just all of the environmental concerns, such as environmental damage assessment, environmental impact assessment, water management, waste management, environmental audit. The firm maintains relations with governmental, local governmental and business sphere and NGOs.

Because of the prevailing law from 01.06.2006. the name ÖKO Inc. has been changed to ÖKO Co. Ltd.

Budapest, 2015.

Dr. Sándor Ress
president - managing director