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Öko Co. Ltd. has a project-oriented organizational structure and functioning. There are 20 highly qualified experts who are economists, geologists, hydro-geologists, engineers (mining, civil, mechanical and agricultural), water and waste management specialists, environmental assessment specialists, physicists, mathematicians, biologists, garden architects and landscape planners. Some of them have post gradual and scientific degrees and speak foreign languages (English, German, Russian, French, Rumanian). There is a team of six technicians to support the work of the specialists. According to the certain project's requirements the share company often involve experts of other institutions as well.

Services of the company have been used by the following clients:

 1.    Governmental administration, the specialised ministries (primarily in the form of their decision-making studies);

2.   Local authorities (primarily in the subject of rural and urban environmental protection - including water and waste management);

3.  The managerial sphere, in addition to environmental studies, in the exploration of utilisable resources for financing the environmental protection, in the promotion of the export and import of the environmentally sound products and technologies.

The performance of research and consultancy carried out by the share company extends to the following main fields:

·               protection of natural resources;

·               establishment of environmental and regional policy and strategy;

·               preparation of EU environmental tenders (ISPA, CF, PGF, etc.)

·               regional and rural planning;

·               environmental management;

·                local and national problems of the economy and the financing of environmental protection;

·               complex assessment and appraisal of the state of the environment;

·               preparation of programmes for protection of the rural and urban environment;

·               preparation of regional programmes for water management;

·               preparation of assets maps and the immovable cadastre of the local authorities;

·               assessment of environmental damages, average adjustment, assessment of environmental property;

·               preparation of waste management studies and plans, planning of waste neutralising plants;

·               assessment of environmental impacts (EIA), strategic environment assessments;

·               organisation and operation of the information systems of environmental protection and water management;

·               environmental auditing, evaluation;

·               special chapter’s preparation of rural development and traffic plans (air protection damage prevention, protection against noise - state assessment, classification, recommendations);

·               examination of applicable technologies in environmental protection;

·               monetary and financing consultancy, management;

·               trade.