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1. Environment protection and nature conservation

1.1. Environment protection and nature state assessment evaluation, damage assessment

1.2. Environmental status survey, audit, performance evaluation, preparation of environmental use permit  (IPPC)

1.3. Environmental Impact Assessment
1.4. Strategic environment assessments
1.5. Environment protection program (settlement, county and regional) waste- and water management programs, other.
1.6. Environmental policy, regulation (technical, legal) and their impact assessment
1.7. Environmental-financial consultancy, funding
1.8. Environment informatics, data base management
1.9. Other environmental tasks
1.10. Other nature conservation tasks.

2. Water management

2.1. Water management state assessment, situation appraisal, management
2.2. Water management planning, river basin management planning
2.3. Water management policy, regulation (technical, legal)
2.4. Public water services (drinking water, waste water)

2.5. Flood control, inland water regulation, landscape management, complex water management

2.6. Water management - financial consultancy, funding

2.7. Water management informatics, data base management
2.8. Other water management tasks

3. Waste management

3.1. Solid waste managemen systems
3.2. Recultivation
3.3. Waste management plans (national, regionl and settlement level, regulation (technical, legal)
3.4. Other waste management

4. Economic and financial consultancy

4.1. Cost-benefit analysis
4.2. Environmental economics analysis
4.3. Social-economic impact assessment
4.4. Pricing, price regulation
4.5. Activity analysis, property evaluation
4.6. Management of public services
4.7. Financial consultancy for environmen management
4.8. Financial consultancy for water management, funding
4.9. Economic and legal regulation


5. Economic and financial consultancy

5.1. Waste management
5.2. Wastewater treatment
5.3. Drinking water
5.4. Other infrastructure
5.5. Utilization of renewable resources
5.6. Other EU tender
5.7. Other - not EU - tender
5.8. Flood control, inland water regulation, landscape management, complex water management